What do we call ourselves?

what do we call ourselves


Call me Vinoo.

Shatoo (Shatakshi Gawade), one of my closest friends from the Asian College of Journalism, called me in early 2015 with a crazy idea: let’s quit our jobs and travel across rural India! It will be such a wonderful story to tell people! That we have been to all the interesting villages in India!

In October 2016, a month before we started, we wondered what we should call each other.

“My friend Shatoo and I will be traveling together…” just sounds like we’re going on a road trip.

Colleague? No, we don’t want people to think we don’t like each other.

Partner? Doesn’t sound right.

Business partner? Well, we aren’t technically a business.

We also wondered whether we should call our project a “storytelling project” or a “journalism project”.

Ankit, our third “colleague”, thinks it shouldn’t be called a project at all. It should be a “mission”.

We seem to have settled on “colleague” (people don’t really need to know that we’re friends), “storytelling” (though we throw the ‘j’ word around once in a while), and mission.

My colleagues and I are on a mission to visit villages from each Indian state and write stories about them all! Watch out, world!



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